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Paying it Forward

pathways holiday for blogToday, several local children in need will enjoy Christmas gifts provided by ma Cares.  Individuals gave generously to provide toys, clothing, shoes, housewares, and personal care items to two homeless families living at Pathways Center.  We held a potluck lunch for the families, took their portraits, and presented the gifts to them a little over a week ago.  However, we hope that the joy and knowledge that we care will continue for weeks to come.

Last week, in response to a recent apartment fire in Burlington, NC, where several families were displaced and lost many of their belongings, ma Cares stepped in and provided Christmas gifts for the children and cosmetics and baby care products for the families.  The effort was led by Amy Yow, who volunteers with the American Red Cross as well as ma Cares.  Brandi Quinn, ma Cares President and Gigi Gaines, a committee member, quickly took action to collect items from the children’s wish lists and we delivered them to very grateful families.

Every piece of the puzzle matters, and big part of ma Cares’ mission is helping children and families.  For those who were involved in these recent efforts, the greatest joy of the season is having the ability to give to others in need.  One of the mothers whose apartment caught fire expressed so much gratitude for the assistance she’s received that she plans to return the favor as a volunteer once she gets back on her feet.

In the spirit of the season, we hope you will join us in “paying it forward”.  After all, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyon

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