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Maria Menounos: Take Action Hollywood!

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Several Hollywood stars use their fame and recognition to raise awareness for charities they founded. Maria Menounos is no different. As an actress, journalist and television presenter, Maria knows her way around showbiz. You may have seen her most recent TV appearance on the 14th season of Dancing with the Stars.

While she loves appearing on camera, Maria’s passion for film gave way to another passion — her charity, Take Action Hollywood! (TAH). Maria started TAH after a trip to South Africa where she reported on the devastating effects of AIDS. The mission of TAH is to utilize the power of the entertainment industry as well as the medium of production to educate, empower and raise social awareness. The scope of social issues spans several areas, including AIDS prevention, war relief, gang violence, victims of hate crimes, and the environment. The goal of TAH is to improve the quality of life and conditions for people worldwide.

TAH and Menounos have partnered with several organizations, some of which include: Nike, Cosmo magazine, Tide and the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Also, TAH has helped raise awareness for causes such as antiracism, diabetes and pet adoption.

In addition to TAH, Maria also created the Cosmo Girl Cup, which is awarded to the group of teenagers who have made the biggest impact in their communities to bring about positive social change. This national award is given annually.

To learn more about TAH and how you can get involved, visit

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