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Fridays with Faith: Warm for the Winter

faith keeping warm couchGood morning Fridays with Faith readers! The winter is upon us and thanks to winter storm Juno, many of you may have gotten a taste of its worst! Even if your pets spend most of their time indoors, there are still dangers to watch out for and I’ve got the scoop!

According to ASPC.org, there are several measures you can take to keep your pets safe during cold weather!

  1. Regardless of the time of year, keep us animals inside. Cats too! Stray animals can freeze, overheat, become lost or stolen, and pick up nasty infectious diseases such as rabies from other wildlife. Ruh roh!
  2. Beware of stray cats when starting your car! Often they sleep under car hoods to keep warm, so bang loudly on your hood before starting the car to give any critter that may have climbed in a chance to escape!
  3. Speaking of cars, just as your car can become unbearably hot in the summer, it can trap in the cold like a refrigerator in the winter. That’s not the sort of place Fido wants to hang out! Plus, make sure you wipe up any antifreeze or coolant leaks right away since those chemicals are poisonous for pets!
  4. Guys, don’t you love growing out that beard in the winter? Let us grow out our fur too so we can stay warm during our potty breaks!
  5. Is your critter walking or romping around in the snow and sleet? Who doesn’t love to play in it!? Wipe our bellies and paws when we come inside because it’s easy for us to lick salt, antifreeze, or other chemicals from our paw pads.
  6. As much as we’d love to run free across a big snow-covered field, beware about letting us off the leash! We could get lost and freeze overnight! Don’t forget to have us wear tags at all times so we may be found if we fly the coop!
  7. Does your doggie spend a lot of time frolicking in the snow, joining you on a hunting trip, or otherwise hanging out outdoors? You may need to up his or her food intake to keep them in tip top shape! Ask your vet for advice!
  8. Who doesn’t love to cuddle under the covers when it’s cold? I know I do! Your critter may enjoy the cool floor in the summer months, but a warm blanket, dog or cat bed away from cold drafts would make a pawesome place to sleep during the winter!
  9. Last but not least treats, belly rubs, and ear scratches are appreciated all year long!


That’s all for this week, folks! Hug your doggies, cuddle your cats and stay warm out there! Come back next week for more tails and tips from yours truly!


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