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Fridays with Faith: Trouble in the Triad

child hunger pasta web resGood morning Fridays with Faith readers! I’ve got a very important concern to discuss with you. Do you ever have trouble sleeping? All sorts of things can keep us up at night – stress, interpersonal issues and regrets, health concerns, finances, sick children or animals or even Netflix on a good night! Unfortunately, almost 30% of children in Greensboro / High Point may lie awake due to hunger.

“When will I get to eat again?” “Where will my family get food?” These are questions that we’d hope no child would ever have to ask, yet for many children in our own community this may be their reality. In a recent Gallup survey conducted for the Food Research and Action Center, Greensboro / High Point ranked number one in the United States for people who indicated that they didn’t have enough money for food.   With 67% of children in our school system from low income families, that’s over 49,000 kids possibly needing food assistance (Guilford County Schools). Fortunately there are organizations in our community who work to help these children and ma Cares lends them a paw!

One such organization is BackPack Beginnings! Through their weekend feeding program and in-school food pantries, they help children who are at risk of going hungry to have nutritious meals outside of school. Another group that we support is Pathways Center, which provides temporary housing to homeless families while they’re looking for another place to live. Each month we bring donations of food for the residents to help them to prepare meals for their families.

Saturday, June 6 from 11-2 at Harris Teeter in Friendly Center (3330 West Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27410) we will be conducting a food drive! Please join us in lending a paw to Triad families in need or donate today at www.macares.org! Contact us at wecare@macares.org to learn more about how YOU can get involved!

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