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Fridays with Faith: Summer Lovin’

Good morning, fans and friends!  Thanks for joining me for another Friday with Faith!  Boy, has this been a great week!  Terry and I came to Market America yesterday to get our photo taken for a poster promoting “A Night of Stars – Saluting NC Veterans”, a “fun – draising” event that will take place on September 7, 2013 to benefit veterans with service dogs.  You’ll soon begin to see my smiling face all over town!  That’s right!  Yours truly, Faith, is going to be famous!  I can’t wait for the website to go live too.  I’ve been telling all of my rover and human friends about it!

Anyway I’m hoping for a pawsitively beautiful weekend!  With temperatures rising and summer on its way, you’re probably already planning your vacations, picnics and cookouts.  (Save a bite for me!)  Terry and I love to have some good warm-weather fun, and today I’m going to share with you some pearls of wisdom to make sure your activities are as fun for me as they are for you!

One of the first no-brainers is to take us doggies with you or avoid places where you can’t bring furry friends inside.  Cars can become a furnace in no time and in some states it is illegal to leave pets unattended in cars during extreme weather.  Terry is my best friend and he looks out for me in the heat.  If the car is uncomfortable for him to sit in, he knows it won’t be comfortable for me.

Besides taking fun trips, warm weather is the perfect time for cooling off in the pool!  I love to swim, but some furry ones haven’t learned to doggie paddle, so make sure we aren’t left unattended around a pool.  It’s also a good idea to give us a flotation device if we’re out on a boat.  That way we will float right along in case we get cat-apulted and go for an unexpected dip.

Every body of water may look like a big water bowl to us, but be careful what we slurp!  Pool water has chlorine which isn’t good to drink, and isn’t great for our fur, so please be sweet and offer us some fresh water and hose us off after a swim!  We will smile, wag our tails, and think you are pawsome for it.

Another warm weather danger is the hot pavement.  It’s amazing how hot the asphalt can get.  Terry always walks me on the grass and for short periods of time when it’s hot outside to keep my paw pads from burning and to prevent me from overheating.  We’ve got to take care of my feet so I can keep making my paw print artwork!  (wags tail)  Additionally, we avoid shaving my fur since I can sunburn just like you!  If your furry companion has very little hair or enjoys lying belly-up in the sun, you can obtain sunscreen for dogs which doesn’t contain substances that might be harmful if they lick them.

Well, that’s enough words of wisdom for one day.  I hope you all have lots of (safe!) fun in the sun this weekend!  Come back again next Friday.  I’ve got more tails to tell!