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Fridays with Faith: Service dog to servicewoman

It is Friday again and as promised, I’m going to share with you a “tail” of a two-legged friend of mine who is giving back to the community.  I have Melissa Hudson here, who is the Marketing Manager at Market America, but she also served in the United States Air Force.

Good morning, Melissa.  My name is Faith and I’m a service dog for Terry White, a local veteran.  I hear that you are a veteran as well.  Could you tell me more about your service to our country?

Melissa: I joined the USAF right out of high school and served for 6 years, doing Information Management (administrative and computer support).

Faith: Sounds like you’re an info management whiz!  Could you tell me a little more about you?

I was stationed in Germany the entire time I was in the military, so I speak some German, and I got to do quite a bit of traveling.  I have been to 20 countries.

Faith: Wow!  That’s quite a bit of terrain to cover with only two legs!  Where are you from?

Melissa: I don’t claim anywhere as home.  My father was in the USAF as well, so I never stayed in the same place for too long.   I recently moved to NC from Northern VA, where I lived for 6 years.  6 years is the longest I’ve ever lived in one area.  That seems to be the magic number before I get the desire to move on to the next place.

Faith: 6 years does seem like a long time, especially since I’m barely over a year old!  What do you do for fun?

Melissa: Health and fitness are my biggest interests.  I currently train 6 days a week, and I watch what I eat.  I’m always on the look-out for new and exciting ways to stay in shape.  Working out doesn’t have to always feel like a chore.  I’ve recently taken up hiking on a more regular basis.

Faith:  That sounds great!  I enjoy the great outdoors, myself!  It is great to explore new places and even “ruff it” a little sometimes.  Well, I LOVE treats!  What is your favorite treat?

Melissa: That one is easy.  CHOCOLOATE.  I am a chocoholic.  If you see me in the office with a mug in hand, that’s not coffee; it’s hot cocoa.

Faith:  Nuts.  I guess I won’t ask if you’ll share!  That’s ok; I prefer peanut butter!  Brandi has a toy bin in her office for me because I love to play with them.  Do you have a favorite toy?

Melissa: I don’t have a favorite toy, but my 3 ½ year old Basenji Mix named Bear is a lot of fun to play with, and his favorite toy is a stuffed hedgehog that grunts.

Faith: That does sound like fun!  My favorites are the ones that squeak!  As you probably guessed, since I am a service dog, I like to help others and get involved in our community.  I spend most of my time helping my best friend Terry, but I like to bring smiles to the faces of veterans at the Veterans Home in Salisbury, NC too.  What are some of the ways that you like to lend a paw, I mean a hand?

Melissa: I’m signed up for a 24.1 mile hike taking place Saturday, June 1, 2013 called The Trailblaze Challenge.  It is a hike to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  I have to raise $2,500 to help make an impact on children in our community battling life-threatening medical conditions.

Faith: What a great cause and quite a long hike!  Well, I really appreciate you sharing your story with me.  Is there anything you’d like to add?

Melissa: I’d just like to thank you Faith, for visiting our office periodically, and brightening everyone’s day.  We really enjoy your visits!

Faith:  Thanks, Melissa!  It is always a tail-wagging good time!  I hope you and all of our readers have a pawsome weekend!