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Fridays with Faith: Service dog to service dog

Here it is, folks!  Friday again and I’m back from my assignment, ready to entertain you with your end-of-the-week treat!  Thanks to my buddy, Fleet, for covering for me!  We’re hoping that his Gold Star mom, Susan is doing much better since the last “Rover Report”.  Today I’m here with my partner in crime, Nikki.  Now you may be thinking, crime?  How could we service dogs pawssibly get into trouble?  Well, we’re guilty of stealing the hearts of all of the Market America employees…and perhaps a bite of a hot dog at last week’s luncheon.  (wags tail – and everyone wondered why we ran out at 12:30)  So, without further ado, allow me to introduce Nikki, the red-headed stepchild of the Rover bunch.

Nikki:  Hello, everyone.  You’ll have to excuse Faith.  She’s having a blonde moment.

Faith:  Oh, Nikki, you’re just green with envy.  Anyway, how about telling us more about you?

Nikki:  Ok, well my name is Nikki, and I’m 15 months old and I like tennis balls and stuffed animals and any of the toys that belong to you, Faith.

Faith:  I meant the important stuff, Nikki.  Besides, you know Brandi’s toy bin is really meant for me.

Nikki:  Oh, sorry (and no; it’s not).  For those who don’t know me, I’m one of Faith’s fellow service dogs.  Like Faith, I was rescued and named after a fallen soldier.  My namesake is U.S. Army SPC Nichole M. Frye, who died on February 16, 2004 in BAQUBAH, IRAQ and was assigned to Company A, 415th Civil Affairs Battalion of the Army Reserve in Kalamazoo, Mich.  I received special training and I’m now “on duty” with U.S. Army Staff Sargent Charles Ladd, also known around Market America as Charlie or Chuck.  Faith is “on duty” with Terry and Terry and Chuck are good friends, so Faith and I get to spend a lot of time together.  I have to say, the Market America folks get to see us pretty often.  They’re really lucky, huh?

Faith:  Definitely.  In fact, some of the Market America employees get a little upset if we don’t stop by to visit them when we’re in the office for ma Cares meetings.

Nikki:  Yep.  Being so loveable is a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Faith:  So tell me a little about your work as a service dog.  I know you and Chuck are best buds.  How do you help him?

Nikki:  I act as a calming influence for Chuck and help distract him to stop panic attacks.  I wake him up from nightmares, I remind him to take his medicine and I can turn on the lights when he needs me to.

Faith:  That’s great!  I do many of those things to help Terry.  Our special training taught us to be really helpful.

Nikki:  I agree.  Plus we were able to be rescued, and given a second chance at life.  I love Chuck.  We’ve made a big difference in each others’ lives.

Faith:  I feel the same way about Terry.  So what are your hobbies?

Nikki:  Besides helping Chuck, I love to play catch!  I also enjoy spending time with Jessica, Chuck’s wife, and cheering up any and all of the people I meet!

Faith:  How did you like the hot dog luncheon last week?

Nikki:  Oh; it was delicious.  I mean, I had a great time hanging out with you and hanging out with Chuck and Terry while they manned the grill.

Faith:  Yeah; it was a blast.  Check out our photo.  We’re so hot we’re cool!

Nikki:  That’s right.  The Market America employees didn’t really come to eat; they just wanted to check out the hot dogs!

Faith:  Oh, Nikki.  You’re so pawsome.  We raised over $500 for ma Cares too!  They can help to train more service dogs like us.  Well, thanks for visiting and sharing with me today.  I hope all of our readers (I should we say fans??) have a wonderful weekend!


4 Comments on “Fridays with Faith: Service dog to service dog

  1. Faith, Nikki,
    I LOVE you guys!!! I just want to kiss you all over your face !!

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