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Fridays with FAITH – Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network and maC.A.R.E.S: A Winning PAW-tnership

Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network’s Executive Director, Lauren Riehle, and our President, Brandi Quinn, teamed up to create maC.A.R.E.S (maCares Animal Relief and Emergency Services). Each quarter, maCares makes a monetary donation to this fund which allows Red Dog Farm to be able to take in injured/sick animals that they normally would have to turn away for lack of funding. The dollars help them offset the cost of veterinary treatment for extensive emergencies, illnesses, or injuries. This fund has literally saved more lives than they can count!

We are incredibly thankful for the dedication of the maC.A.R.E.S. family for helping us help the animals!

– Lauren Riehle, Executive Director, Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network

Meet some of the animals that have been given a second chance as a result of the maC.A.R.E.S. fund:

TIC came to Red Dog Farm when her owners could no longer care for her and her sister “Tac”. While Tac is very heathy, Tic was super skinny. At first, they thought her sister was simply stealing her food. But even with plenty of meals on her own, Tic just wasn’t gaining weight. So it was back to the vet for some bloodwork. Turns out, Tic suffers from hyperthyroidism. They started her on thyroid meds and the vet expected a full recovery. Just like humans, Tic will need thyroid meds for the rest of her life. Fortunately, the medicine is relatively inexpensive. She would then be ready for a forever home when they have made sure her dosage levels are right. Thank you to maCares for helping Tic get the diagnostics that she needed to help her get healthy.”

PAWS up for Tic!!

“Last year, Nekko came into the program underweight with hair loss on her back and tail. She was still playful but didn’t play quite as much as her siblings. They initially thought that her hair loss was due to stress from a hyper-focused dog in her previous home. However, even with a stress free environment her hair had yet to return. After a check-up with local ferret vet, they determined it was time to try something else. Ferrets are prone to getting adrenal disease and Nekko was showing all the signs. Thanks to the maCares relief grant they were able to get Nekko the surgery she needed to correct her hormone imbalance. What a difference a few weeks, the right hormones, and caring volunteers can make for even the smallest critters in our program! She’s a different girl now and still loving life.”


“Two years ago, “Cinnamon” (the little brown goat) was surrendered to a local veterinarian. She had been attacked by a PACK of dogs and was barely alive. After 20 surgical staples, lots of love and TLC, and she is living a very happy, normal life. Thank you again to maCares for funding Cinnamon’s emergency surgery. Seeing her now makes our hearts full.” ❤️

Those were not members of OUR PACK!!

To contribute to the maC.A.R.E.S. Fund for rescued animals, please go to the top of this page and click on the blue “Care to Donate” button. Once there, you may designate that you wish for your donation to go directly to this special fund!

There are many more who have been helped! And we can’t do it without YOU!! With a PAW to my heart, THANK YOU to all of our maCares/faithCares sup-PAW-ters!

Wags and licks,