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Fridays with Faith: My buddy Brandi

Good morning Fridays with Faith readers!  Last weekend wasn’t so summery was it?  Today there will be no warm weather advice.  Rather, I will be sharing a tail of someone who is near and dear to me and to Market America as well.  Without letting the cat out of the bag, I will tell you about her first and see if you can guess who I’m talking about.  She has pretty brown fur (I mean hair), a big smile, and a laugh that makes my tail wag.  Everybody knows her because she’s really pawesome, but not everyone knows about all the cool stuff that she does because she’s pretty modest.  She has worked at Market America for over 20 years, goes to all of the ma Cares meetings, works tirelessly to raise money for the charities that we support, has a toy bin in her office, and gives me treats!  Can you guess who I’m barking about?

You guessed Nikki?  Well I’m sorry, but you are incorrect.  Besides, Nikki’s fur is red and she’s not a Market America employee!  She is pretty talented, though.  The individual I’m smiling about is none other than Brandi Quinn, Market America’s VP of Operations and President of ma Cares.  She has been giving back to the community since before I was born!  Of course I am only 15 months old, but you get the picture.  She’s been doing nice things for a long, long time.

When Brandi first started working at Market America, she organized groups to participate in heart walks, and collected dog food and blankets for local animal shelters.  This warms my heart because I love it when people help homeless animals.  You know, I was a rescue myself!

Brandi’s biggest passions are helping dogs (like me), soldiers (like my buddy Terry), and children.  She brought these passions to Market America and started getting other employees involved in her efforts.  This evolved into “ma Cares”, and the outreach has continued to grow over the years.  Last year a 501c3 was established so tax deductible contributions could be collected, and the slate of events and amount of money raised has continued to grow.  Brandi helped to make all of this pawssible!

With Brandi as the leader of the pack, in 2012 alone, ma Cares donated school supplies, clothing, toys, and more to homeless children, helped 10 families to furnish their homes with donated furniture and household items, helped place over 50 animals in forever homes, donated over 4,000 packets of torch to troops overseas, and sponsored 9 service dogs from puppy to placement with a veteran.  Brandi’s enthusiasm is contagious and others can’t resist joining her.  If her fellow committee members had tails like me they’d be wagging them too!

Speaking of tails wagging, Brandi is so appreciated by her colleagues that she was recently nominated AND selected as Boss of the Year at the North Carolina Junior Chamber’s 2013 Distinguished Service Awards Banquet.  Now that merits a paw shake!

It is Brandi’s selfless devotion and ability to turn her passion into action that makes her a most inspirational figure within the company and the community.  We are so lucky to have her!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my friend, Brandi.  Come back next Friday for another end-of-the-week treat from me to you, and happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

3 Comments on “Fridays with Faith: My buddy Brandi

  1. Brandi is an inspiration and tireless in her efforts!!! So many have benefited from her contributions – thank you Brandi, for all you do!!

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