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Fridays with FAITH – Meet Lacey & DINTY

Hello my FAITH-ful readers! Is it just me or did we skip right over fall and go straight in to winter? I trust you all have your winter coats ready for the cold weather ahead of us.  I’ve got my winter coat grown out long and thick and my booties are always sitting next to the door. Now that I have your attention, I wanted to take this oppawtunity to introduce you to the newest team of our furry family and to the maCares Service Dog Support Program. DINTY is our first Guide Dog in the program and was trained by Southeastern Guide Dogs and his hooman is a young lady named Lacey.

Think of DINTY as Lacey’s pawdyguard since he helps her navigate through her surroundings, keeps Lacey from bumping into things and keeps her safe, since she is legally blind.  He is one smart pup because he can lead her to doors, finds steps and curbs for her and alerts her to dangers all around them.  Smart and good looking; he must be related to me! DINTY is one of the luckiest doggies I know because he never leaves Lacey’s side.  Some might say that these two are joined at the hip.

DINTY really enjoys being Lacey’s eyes for her.  She hasn’t always been blind and can see things up close, but her eyes got progressively worse as a baby and she was considered legally blind before she was even 2 years old.  This ultimately caused her to need assistance and I can’t think of a better way than using a Guide Dog.  DINTY also helps Lacey with anxiety, depression and gives her a sense of purpose, and comfort knowing that she is never alone, and he is always by her side. This pawsome duo has been together for about a year and a half now and they grow closer to each other every day. DINTY is Lacey’s second Guide Dog, so he has some pretty big paw prints to fill.

In Lacey’s spare time, she loves watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and reading.  She and DINTY go shopping, hiking and get to spend a lot of time with Lacey’s family and friends. They also have a YouTube channel called Dinty Doodle Goes To Town – check it out to see their latest pawsome adventures.

I give this duo 2 paws up and encourage you all to welcome this new team to our ever-growing family.  We are super excited to see what our first Guide Dog can teach us all.  Check back later for more updates from yours truly!!!!

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