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Fridays with FAITH: Meet Dustin & TAHOE!

Hello my FAITH-ful readers! I hope you’ve had a great week! Our pack has some incredibly ‘woof-derful’ news that will make you jump for joy! We have a new addition to our pack- Dustin & TAHOE are now part of the maCares Service Dog Support Program! I’m jumping all over the place I’m so excited!!!

I dug up the dirt on their story from TAHOE. In August 2015, after over 10 years of serving as a Virginia State Trooper, Dustin experienced a life changing call resulting in PTSD, panic attacks, heightened anxiety, fear, trouble sleeping, night terrors, being in crowds, constant headaches, muscle aches, and tension.


In February 2017, Dustin and TAHOE laid eyes on and sniffed each other for the first time. TAHOE helps Dustin cope with anxiety and depression, awakens him before his nightmares get too severe, alerts him when someone is approaching from behind, and encourages him to interact more with people.



TAHOE has improved Dustin’s and his other 2-legged family member’s lives- a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful daughters. Dustin is changing careers and is pursuing an IT degree- isn’t that “paw-some?!” TAHOE is eager to work on his skills and also loves playing ball with Dustin.



The pack and our 2-legged friends are so excited that Dustin & TAHOE have joined the maCares family! Please help us celebrate and support them! Be sure to check out all of the maCares & faith Cares service dog teams at www.maCares.org. Stay up-to-date on the events maCares holds to raise money to stay committed to ‘Helping Service Dogs Help Others’ by following us on Facebook.

Together we are helping to make a difference in the lives of others. Would you please consider making a tax deductible donation or purchasing from our Facebook Shop so we are able to help more service dog teams and rescued animals in need?







Check back soon for updates from yours truly!

Wags and licks,

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