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Fridays with FAITH: Market America UnFranchise Owners Hold ‘Hope for Our Heroes Softball Tournament’

Hello my FAITH-ful readers! Please put your paws together for Angie, Dani, Shannon and Chelsea for giving back in a big way by holding a Hope for Our Heroes Softball Tournament on August 19, 2017! Angie and her daughter Dani have been Market America Unfranchise Owners since 2009, based out of Wisconsin. They have supported maCares for years. I started digging for information and found out some really lickable things!!!

FAITH: Angie, why did you feel drawn to help maCares?

Angie: My dad served 3 years in WWII and my husband, Bill, in Vietnam. Also other family members and friends have served our country. We appreciate and want to help our Veterans as much as we can because they have done so much for this wonderful country.  And helping animals is also a main concern of ours. And what better way is there to help both, but through maCares.


Pictured above: The Tournament Planners, Family Members, & Helpers

FAITH: When did you get the idea to hold a fundraiser to benefit maCares?

Angie: The original idea of helping out maCares in some way, besides buying the great messaged shirts and giving donations, was when the convention in NC brought the Veterans and their companion dogs on stage. They stole my daughter Dani’s and my hearts, with the stories of how these wonderful God-given creatures help the Veterans and their families.

FAITH: Why did you choose to a softball tournament?

Angie: Softball has been part of our family and our friends’ lives for many years.

Pictured above: The Tournament Planners, Dani, Angie, and Shannon

FAITH: How were teams formed for the tournament?

Angie: Four of the seven teams were put together by Dani, Shannon and Chelsea just for the tournament. So the 10 people on each of these 4 teams didn’t even know each other.  But when we mentioned WHY we were organizing this fundraiser, they joined us in our cause, teammates unseen, for maCares, the Veterans and their four-legged companions.  All had a great time.

FAITH: Was every participant a seasoned softball player?

Angie: Some participants had never played before. Catcher and right field material, haha.  But their thought and dedication were honorable and appreciated.

FAITH: I heard you had other fun items and fundraiser during the tournament- can you tell me about those?

Angie: Brad Resler, who served in Iraq, obtained a lot of great paraphernalia, from all branches of the different service’s recruiting offices. Also, raffle items were gathered from nearby businesses,  and our new Market America product, “Turn Up” was a hit for energy and sometimes combined for a cocktail of sorts.

FAITH: Sounds like you had a lot of people support you and involved!

Angie: Current and past service men and women and families of these service people along with our friends, families and MA distributors, participated either in playing softball or helping with the tournament in umping, announcing, distributing refreshments and maintaining the field. We all had a blast. We also had a salute and recognition of the service people that were present from the audience and helpers.

FAITH: Are there any people and/or supporters you’d like to thank?

Angie: Bill Baumer, Neil and Maria Baumer, Travis Ernst, Michelle Scovell, Erv and Debbie Gromacki, Shannon’s parents Katie, Mark and Maggie Sprague, Phil Gross, Matthew and Brian Otto, Mike Hyland, Mr. Poth, Bob Bortollotti, Mike Apel, Dan Krier, and many more. George Breu, Blair’s Hardware, and Piggly Wiggly sponsored the tournament and/or donated raffle prizes. Most of the refreshments were donated from Shannon’s Dad’s food market.

FAITH: Are there plans for this to be an annual event?

Angie: Yes! We had a lot of the team members say they would join us next year and bring in either more individuals or additional teams. We have many more ideas for next year and are happy to be helping these Veterans and their service dogs.  After all, “dog” spelled backwards is “God”.

FAITH: Anything else you want to share?

Angie: We want to THANK YOU, maCARES, FOR ALL YOU DO FOR SO MANY!!!   God bless you and God bless our wonderful Veterans, their service dogs, and their families.

Wasn’t that so ‘pawsome’ of Angie, Dani, Shannon and Chelsea to hold this event to help the maCares & faith Cares service dog teams?!

If you are in the Wisconsin area and would like to sign up for or help with the 2018 Hope for Our Heroes Softball Tournament, please contact weCare@maCares.org for details. If you are not in the Wisconsin area, but would like to lend a paw, please visit www.maCares.org and click the Please Donate button. Let my friends at maCares know your donation is to support Hope for Our Heroes.

Be sure to check back soon for updates on upcoming news and events from yours truly.

Wags and licks,

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