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Fridays with FAITH: Keeping Busy in These Unprecedented Times – Part 3

WOOF-WOOF my FAITH-ful readers!!

We have been busy BARKING with more of our service dog teams to see what they have been up to. In this edition, we follow three more teams and WOOF! Have they been busy!!

• MERCER has been making sure his hooman, John Fleming, wears his mask and washes his PAWS frequently. John has a health condition that makes him more PUP-ceptible to COVID than others may be. And since the state they live in no longer requires masks to be worn, and John teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) twice a week, vigilance is key!! And MERCER wants him to be around for a long time!! MERCER also recently celebrated his 7th birthday – that is one lucky PUP!!

And MERCER has more news too! In December, he and John married the love of their lives, Melissa. And MERCER was part of the ceremony with his friends – TAHOE! It was a special day for everyone; full of love and TAIL-WAGGING! Congratulations John, Melissa and MERCER!

• Bob Brown and his service dog, AMY, keep busy living out in the country where they raise donkeys and goats – BAAAAHHH! Bob and his wife, Cindy, moved outside of Asheville, NC approximately 10 years ago. Around that time, Bob hiked the Appalachian Trail for 1,500 miles in five months, ending up in upstate New York to visit his grandchildren – WOOF! That was a long hike!! He says he would like to do it again, but his health will not allow it. So, he enjoys nature photography, tying flies and collecting them, instead. He and AMY mostly just take it easy and are very much looking forward to getting together with the maCares/faithCares family again as soon as PAWS-ible!

• Lacey Coward has had an interesting year! Her service dog, DINTY, had a taste for socks and after eating one last year that led to an extended emergency hospital STAY, and then MONCH-ing on lots of rocks and sticks on the regular, Lacey made the heart-BORKING decision to give him back as he was not working out in the “service” area. Now don’t get PUP-set!! DINTY has gone on to be re-deployed SNUFFLING out all things Bombs and Arson related and is truly in his element! Lacey underwent some back surgery at year-end and had to wait to for her doctor clear her in order to add her name to the waiting list for a new service dog. She hopes to have one in the next six months and in the meantime, remains active in her efforts to help raise funds and awareness for maCares and feels blessed to still be a PAW-t of the family while awaiting her new PUP!

Stay tuned for more PUP-dates from the teams!

Wags and licks,