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Fridays with Faith: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Faith with Flower web resGood morning Fridays with Faith readers! Did you know that according to a recent CNN article, consumers spend nearly $2 billion on candy for Valentine’s Day? That’s a whole lot of red hots, sweet tarts, and of course chocolates! Pawesome, right? Wrong! Sounds like a royal belly ache to me!

In all seriousness, though, chocolates are a sweet gift and they smell so good but watch where you store those presents! For some of you this may not be an issue. You open that box of chocolates and they’re gone as if cookie monster had been in the house! For those who enjoy them over a period of a few days or even those who have extra curious animals, use caution about where you keep them! It’s amazing the lengths we’ll go to get a snack! Check out the little dog below that gets onto the counter! Better keep those candies under lock and key!

Guess what, though? I found a special recipe that you could make for doggies like me! That’s right! You could bake me a Valentine’s treat! Biscuits or pupcakes? You decide! Check it out here. Do you have a pawesome recipe to share? Send it to us!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Fridays with Faith readers! Hope your weekend is filled with fun.

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