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Fridays with Faith: Fur Flying Fun

pathways halloween faithGood morning Fridays with Faith readers! Today my tail is wagging just remembering what a great time we had with the families at Pathways a couple weeks ago! As many of you may know, ma Cares loves helping children and families in need. We assist Pathways Center, which provides temporary housing for families by delivering groceries for the residents every month; providing necessities like bath towels, linens, shower curtains, pillows and more; bringing winter coats and school supplies to the children; and providing fun activities such as games and crafts as well as snacks and meals for the families.

On our last visit we helped the kids celebrate spring with an egg hunt, a visit from the Easter Bunny, family portraits, a pizza dinner, and a decorate-your-own cupcake activity! The smiles were just as super as the sweets! The best part was watching the kids run around the playground looking for eggs filled with candy! I bet they had as much fun as I do chasing tennis balls! On the other paw, it was pretty pawesome that our volunteer Mark Myers of Studio by Myers Photography was able to capture some great memories for the children and their parents to enjoy!

The most rewarding aspect of scurrying over to Pathways isn’t just helping with the fun; it’s the knowledge that you’re having a positive influence on the lives of the children. Remember when you were little and there were adults who paid attention to you, listened, and believed in you? According to takestockinchildren.org, spending quality time with kids can help them to improve their academic and life skills and build confidence and self-esteem. That’s definitely something to bark about!

We really appreciate all of the volunteers who help us to make a difference at Pathways! Interested in getting involved? Contact us! Thanks for reading and stop by next week for the latest and greatest!

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