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Fridays with FAITH – BIG B is in the Clear!

In early 2020, BIG B and his hooman, Lynn Pennacchini, received some heart-BARKING news. BIG B was diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous tumor – GRRRRRR. Last May, he underwent surgery, chemotherapy and supplemental natural treatment through the support of maCares.   After chemo, a small lump appeared again, but they were able to get him anti-cancer mushroom supplements and the small bump disappeared! His lungs have been checked recently and, one year later, there is no sign of cancer! BIG B is doing great and has recovered completely! WOOF WOOF!!

BIG B is back to his usual self now – alerting Lynn through his bumps to remind her to take medicine when she eats or her blood sugar goes out of range, running and playing at the PAW-k, and giving tons of love, WAGS and kisses.  His amazing SNOUT not only can detect blood sugar swings, but it also snores throughout the night and SNUFFLES his soft kitty brother.  

“We are so happy and grateful he is ok now and back to his goofy sweet self!”  

Lynn Pennacchini

As a student and sole provider mother, Lynn says she would not have been able to get him this treatment without the help of maCares and everyone who generously donated to BIG B’s fundraiser. Lynn says, “He is an integral part of not only my health management, but my family…my daughter and I depend on him for so much – he brings a sense of safety and security, love and affection, and connection with the community that we need. Because of BIG B, my daughter is no longer alone in dealing with the unexpected highs and lows of having a mother who struggles with diabetes and all the subtle and unseen social and health issues that brings.” It would have been devastating for them if he had not been able to get treatment.  Now they are a team with BIG B as the red-caped captain, coach and mascot – PAWS UP!  

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who helped him recover!”

BIG B’s Family

We can’t do it without all of our FAITH-ful supporters!! Thank you!!

WAGS and licks!