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Fridays With FAITH: A Service Dog Team’s Daughter’s Experience Helping with the Aftermath of the Greensboro Tornado

Happy Friday my faith-ful followers! My maCares family and I have been busy behind the scenes with events and fundraising. We ‘paws-ed’ from our maCares activities last weekend to help the community members of Eastern Greensboro who were affected by a recent EF-2 tornado that left a path of about 30 miles of property damage, including over 1,000 homes, businesses, and 3 elementary schools on April 15, 2018. It is hard to imagine what the tornado victims have been going through. maCares volunteers and service dog teams gathered supplies to distribute to the affected community members. Anika Hess is the 14-year old daughter of maCares sponsored service dog team Dustin and TAHOE- my fellow 4-legged furry friend! Anika shared her feelings about her visit to help with the Greensboro Tornado Relief.



April 21, 2018 is a day that I will remember for a long time. It was a great experience learning that you can do something small to make a change in someone’s life. I think volunteering is a great way to give back to our world. I recommend that everyone consider helping others.

When I was walking in the damaged areas of Greensboro, I experienced a sight I never had. There was so much damage caused by the tornado. I did what I could to help as many people as possible. The community members I was able to meet were so nice.

There was so much damage that was left behind from the tornado, that it was honestly too hard to imagine. Trees were broken, uprooted from the ground, thrown into the roads, in multiple yards, and on top of houses of innocent people. Powerlines were knocked down causing power outages for days. Some cars were completely destroyed, so transportation for the affected people was out of the question. Many houses had the shingles torn off of the roofs, did not have a roof, standing walls, or were destroyed to the ground. Some damage was too severe to the houses or buildings to even fix so they had to be demolished. Schools were torn all to pieces and had to be closed. Although buildings were damaged, some buildings were left without a scratch or sign of damage to them at all.

As I walked around and saw the damage I noticed that the people around me, that lost everything, were smiling. They were very grateful for the time others took out of their day to come and help them. These people were extremely thankful for socks, toothbrushes, diapers for their babies, toys for their children, food, water, and the list continues. Children were happy to safely play in the city’s community center lawn with other little boys and girls. A couple of service dog teams including my dad, Dustin, and his service dog, TAHOE , walked around to invite the children and adults to pet their service dogs to help keep their minds off of what was happening to them. I witnessed the people being very happy to see others come to help while they went through such a tragedy.

I helped out as much as I possibly could and wherever I was needed. Knowing that the smallest things that I did could help a person struggling made me want to help even more than I already was. I helped multiple people gather food, socks for their children, water, and mostly baby items for their family. Many people needed help getting everything they had received to their cars, so I volunteered to help carry their bags or supplies to their cars.

Seeing people smile when they received the help that they needed made me feel amazing on the inside.

I would gladly return to Greensboro and help the people affected by the tornado in a heartbeat. I want to thank Brandi Quinn and maCares for inviting my family and I to experience and help like we did.


How ‘paw-some’ are Anika, her family, and all the people who came together to help the tornado victims?! It’s truly heartbreaking to see lives and homes destroyed in the blink of an eye – but the ‘tail wagger’ in this tragedy has been the way the Greensboro and surrounding areas have come together to form a pack of support for one another.

For those who would like to join the efforts to help with the Greensboro Tornado Relief, you can bring any of the needed items shown in the below list to the Market America Headquarters (located at 1302 Pleasant Ridge Rd. in Greensboro) during the business hours of 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Needed Items:
• personal care items (adults and children)
• toilet paper
• baby wipes
• paper towels
• household cleaning supplies
• school supplies
• jelly
• bread
• canned goods

If you are unable to donate much needed supplies, maCares will do the shopping for you with your monetary donation. To make a monetary donation, please click here to visit the Please Donate section on the maCares website and be sure to provide your reason for giving is for the “Tornado Relief”. Thank you for joining us in helping others!

For more information, please contact weCare@maCares.org or call 336-478-4086.

Check back soon for updates from yours truly!

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