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Fridays with FAITH – A Note of Thanks 💗

FAITH-ful readers!! It’s FRIDAY!! With ME!!

We here at maCares/faithCares work our TAILS off to help our teams lead a better life. Mostly this is accomplished by providing the funds to pay for food (MONCH, MONCH) and supplies, vet bills (WHAT?!), grooming (cuz every PUP wants to look their best), and all the preventatives against fleas & ticks (NASTY CRITTERS) and heartworm (VERY IM-PAW-TANT).

But we do more than that…we CARE. So when our faithCares sponsored team of Manny Rivera and TANK encountered a serious issue with TANK’s health, everyone put their SNOUTS together to find the best solution! It took some time, but the results were PAW-tastic!

This is what Manny had to say…

TANK is more than just a dog to me; he is my hero. Most people think of hero’s being fire fighter, police officers, paramedics, military personnel and so on, but TANK is my personal seizure alert alarm, PTSD manager, and my alarm clock for my night terrors. He is another type of hero that a lot of people don’t know about. I try my best to do the same for him but sometimes I don’t realize when he has an issue because he does not show it. In this story I want to talk about pushing through pain. TANK happens to be that type of person. He will ignore his pain to selflessly pay attention to mine.

He was pushing through the pain of a tooth infection and I was not aware of it till my son told me. As soon as I saw the pain he was pushing through to do his job I said it is my turn to help him so, I called the only people I know that love TANK as much as my family and I do and that is the wonderful people at MA Cares. Without any hesitation our family at MA Cares took the lead by telling me what to do to start helping TANK. I appreciate it because I was not in the right state of mind thinking that I was a horrible handler to TANK. Stephanie and Brandi helped me every step of the way with TANK’S treatment and made sure that I was good as well. I want to thank you for all that you guys did for us. You guys are always there, and it feels good to know that there are people in this difficult world we live in that make waking up every morning a bit easier to face.

I also want to thank Blue Pearl Vet Hospital in Cary North Carolina for their kindness that they showed TANK and the patience they had with me. Also, I want to thank Dr. Curtis Stiles for explaining to me, in full details, everything that was going on with TANK and what he was going to do step by step. Dr. Stiles also informed me of inflammation in TANK’S snout and that he took care of running some test to find out what the cause of that is. Thank you all for everything. TANK is a happier dog because of all the work everyone put forward in helping him. He can now work without having to deal with pain and I am sure that if he could talk he would tell but he still lets me know with a wag of his tail.

Forever Grateful,

Manny and TANK Rivera

We are happy to HOWL-p and glad that TANK is on the road to recovery!!