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Faith Takes Over Today’s Monday Blog!

Faith packing for MAWC2015Good morning Fridays with Faith readers! I know, I know it’s not Friday yet but I’m taking over the Monday blog because I’m just so excited for World Conference this weekend that the fur is flying! That’s right! I’m packing for my pawesome trip!

It occurred to me as I’m packing up my toys and treats and such that I’ve got some tips that could help you too! You know how you’re careful not to go barefoot in the summer because the pavement can burn your feet? Well, that pavement could hurt my paws too! Same goes for extremely cold temperatures. Like you, I’m an inside girl, so I’m not used to extremely hot or cold weather. Fortunately, I’m looking at the current temperatures in Miami and thinking it’s gonna be pawesome for us!

I know I will enjoy soaking up some of that warm Florida sun, so I’m reminding Terry and Jill to bring their hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.   If you’re planning to enjoy the season after the conference sessions, it’s a good idea to be prepared! On that note, a light jacket or wearing layers could be helpful to keep you from getting too hot or cold when entering or exiting air conditioned areas!

Also, it’s a doggone good idea to stay hydrated while traveling! The water in your hometown may be slightly different from city water in Miami, so I drink bottled water just in case to prevent accidents or an unhappy tummy. While I’m barking about water, don’t forget to bring any medications you may need to take!

Punctuality is really important too! Those planes, trains, and some automobiles won’t wait – even if you are super cute like me! So stay ahead of the time so you can catch your commute!

Can’t wait to see YOU at the ma Cares booth in section 115! Safe travels, everyone!

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