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Andrew Bonner


I grew up in Greensboro, NC, and like most southern guys I'm pretty laid back - except when it comes to Sports. My father and grandfather both attended the University of Tennessee, so as a youth I was thoroughly brainwashed to be a Big Orange fan. I ended up going to school there myself, and was fortunate enough to witness a National Championship during my sophomore year. Well, my first sophomore year anyway. :-) Apart from sports, my other interests include History, Politics, Astronomy, Video Games, and anything related to Technology. To be perfectly honest I'm a total nerd. I took apart my first computer when I was 9 years old (my uncle never really forgave me), and have been hooked ever since. This fascination with technology translated into a love of the sciences in college, but my inability to do Math beyond a 2nd grade level really put a damper on my career in Astrophysics. Aside from that, I'm the proud owner of three of the world's dumbest dogs - a claim that has been proven time and again by their utterly absurd eating habits. Let's just say I've come home from work only to find they've eaten part of a metal chair. I suspect they are part Billy goat. Nevertheless, I love Emmy, Jack, and Reggie with all my heart.

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