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A Friday with Fleet

Good morning Fridays with Faith readers!  I know you’ve been looking forward to your end-of-the-week treat from me, but I’m going out on an assignment this morning, so you’ll have the pawleasure of spending this morning with my friend and fellow service dog, Fleet, who is pictured here with the late U.S. Army PFC James Fleet McClamrock and Sgt Jason Gregory.

Fleet:  Thank you, Faith.  To briefly introduce myself, like Faith said, I am one of her fellow service dogs.  I am named in honor and memory of U.S. Army PFC James Fleet McClamrock of the 22 1st Batt. 7th Inf Reg 25th Infantry Schofeld Barracks Hawaii KIA, who died September, 7 2010 in Balad, Iraq.  I was rescued and received my training to become a service dog.  Now I am “on duty” with Sgt Jason Gregory.  He is my best friend, but I’m pretty close with my Gold Star Mom, Mrs. Susan McClamrock, too.  She is my namesake, James Fleet’s mother.  I’m here visiting her in the hospital this morning to see how she is doing after a recent fall.

Fleet:  Good morning, Susan.  I’m going to play “Rover Reporter” during our visit this morning to help out my buddy, Faith.  I hope you don’t mind. (wags tail)  So, Susan, skate much?

Susan: Actually, I’m a very good skater.  At least I was until yesterday then…well not so much.  5 minutes in and boom! I fell right on my behind.

Fleet:  Ouch!  I bet you let out a whimper on that one!  On your way to the hospital did they at least let you hang your head out of the ambulance window? I kinda like that, but Shh it’s a secret dog thing, so keep in confidential. (tail wagging)

Susan: Well Mr. Fleet, you know I was in a lot of pain so it didn’t dawn on me to ask, but now that you mention that, I bet that would have been fun.

Fleet:  Do the nurses like to pet you?  They love petting me.

Susan: No Fleet; they don’t pet me, but they do take very good care of me.

Fleet:  Well, that’s good to hear.  How do you like having people bring your food to you while you’re here?  I have a personal chef, his name is Sgt. Jason Gregory and I love it when he brings me food.

Susan: I’m used to doing the cooking so it’s a nice change, I suppose.  I haven’t been too hungry since I arrived, though.  It’s probably the pain meds.

Fleet:  Speaking of pain meds, do they make you loopy? I went to the vet once and boy, was I loopy! I could have sworn I came out with less parts than when I went in!

Susan:  Yes they do and very sleepy.  Thankfully I plan on keeping all my parts on this trip.

Fleet:  Is your bed comfy?  It sure looks comfy.  Maybe I’ll snuggle with you before my visit ends.

Susan: Why yes, Fleet; it’s very comfy and I love snuggling with you.  That’s for sure.

Fleet:  Will you get a Rabies Shot while you’re here?  Jason tells me I have to keep getting one every three years.

Susan:  I’m all caught up on mine Mr. Fleet, so no Rabies shot for me!

Fleet:  Do you get to go outside for potty breaks while you’re here?

Susan:  No, Fleet.  Look behind that door.  I got my own private potty room.

Fleet:  Wow!  I’m glad you told me! I thought that was a watering hole and was going to get a drink!  How long do the doctors think your recovery  will be?

Susan: They are saying it will take months, Mr. Fleet.

Fleet:  Oh my!  I’ll ask Faith, Nikki, Ivy, Wyatt, Lyle, Scotty, Capt’n Mike, and Gibby to be sure to pray for you every day.  We love you Susan and we’ll see you soon. Until then, think happy thoughts and visualize whirled peas! :O)

Susan:  I think you meant world peace, Fleet.

Fleet:  Oh yes, that’s it!  Thanks everyone, for sitting in with Susan and me.  Let’s all hope that she gets better really soon!

One Comment on “A Friday with Fleet

  1. Fleet – thanks for going to visit Susan and filling in for Faith – We hope you can do it again soon. Susan please get better soon and come visit us at Market America – it was great meeting you at the Patriot Rover Reunion. xoxoxox