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Patriot Rovers – A Change for a Change Campaign

Reach in your pockets; how much change is in them? A few coins? A few dollars? Whatever it is, you may not think it’s enough to make a difference. Well you couldn’t be more wrong! Right now, the ma Cares’ Change for Change campaign is in progress. All change collected will go to Patriot Rovers. But wait — your donation will be doubled! Brandi Quinn, Market America’s Vice President of Operations and the lifeblood of ma Cares, and her husband Mike will match contributions up to a combined total of $5,000.00! There is still a lot of money left to raise before the full match will be met — up to $2,400.00.

This is truly one of those times when every little bit counts because whatever you contribute is being matched. Plus your donation helps in three ways — saving the dog who will receive training, supporting the veteran who will get the dog, and honoring the memory of the fallen soldier whom the dog will be named after.

So reach in your pockets; then, make a donation at After you make your donation, send a quick email to Brandi at to let her know of your recent contribution. Patriot Rovers is doing fantastic work for our veterans and shelter dogs. Click here to learn more about Patriot Rovers and their partnership with ma Cares.


2 thoughts on “Patriot Rovers – A Change for a Change Campaign

  1. That is so nice of Brandi and her husband to do. Having met her at the Convention it is so evident how much she cares about the programs and certainly Patriot Rovers.
    PS – why can ‘t I ever read these words at the bottom – lol ??

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