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Eva Longoria goes “All In” for Eva’s Heroes

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Actress Eva Longoria, who is best known for her role as Gabriel Solis on the hit show “Desperate Housewives”, is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual special needs, and co-founded Eva’s Heroes to do just that.  Blessed with a sister who was intellectually disabled and a mother who became a special needs teacher, Eva has been involved in all facets of this community since childhood.  She saw a need for more programs that enrich the lives of individuals like her sister, and took the initiative to form an organization that could provide them with the support they need live their lives to the fullest.

Eva’s Heroes is based in San Antonio, Texas and was co-founded in 2006 with Board President Christiane-Perkins Garcia.  Their mission is to help teens and young adults between 14 and 21 years of age, who have intellectual special needs, integrate and flourish in society.  They do this by providing an inclusive setting built on four tenets: interact, grow, learn, and love.

Offerings include after school and summer enrichment programs, as well as monthly activities.  Through these programs individuals benefit from having the opportunity to try new things, interact with each other, learn the value of teamwork, and experience a more enriched life.

While Eva’s Heroes, a 501c3 organization, accepts donations year-round, they also conduct fundraising events to support their efforts.  The 5th Annual Eva Longoria’s Celebrity Casino Night this past October was a smashing success – a sold out event attended by celebrities including Eva, Phil Hellmuth, Mario Lopez, Dat Nguyen and Marie Ferdinand-Harris.  The organization also accepts volunteer applications from individuals who would like to donate their time and talents.

Eva Longoria is making such a difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual special needs that we think she is a hero, herself!  To learn more about her wonderful organization and to find out how you can help, visit


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