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The issues that impact children, adults, pets, local communities, our national community and the global community have a ripple effect. The actions or lack of action by one person can impact the lives of so many more people than they ever dreamed.  You matter.  Your needs matter.  Your contribution matters.   It’s not in magnitude or quantity but in the exponential impact of one person touching another.   You and I can make a difference and the effects can literally stretch around the globe.

Because every piece of the puzzle matters. Help ma Cares (a 501c3, non-profit organization) meet critical needs in local communities


Our Projects

Faith Cares

Faith CaresFaith Cares is a new ma Cares initiative, named in memory of the late US Army Sergeant Faith Hinkley, who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The program is twofold; it assists veterans by raising funds to cover the costs of continued care for their service dogs.  The program will also provide encouragement to active duty military units via letters and care packages. READ MORE

Kids of Childhood Cancer

Kids of Childhood CancerThe Kids of Childhood Cancer Foundation was created by parents on Brenner’s Pediatric Oncology Ward who have struggled through the Childhood Cancer Journey in hopes of easing the journey for the rest of the children still battling on. READ MORE

Pathways Center

Pathways CenterPathways Center offers safe, temporary shelter to homeless families while they are looking for other housing.  The Center houses 16 families.  Each family is provided with private sleeping quarters, restroom, kitchen facilities and storage. READ MORE

Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network

Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue NetworkRed Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network is a North Carolina 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed in August 2006 to rescue and rehabilitate neglected, abused or otherwise unwanted animals in and around Guilford County, with a particular focus on domestic farm animals. READ MORE

Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test

Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer TestFriends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test® has only one office, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, with one full time and two part time staff members. The objective of the organization is to direct as many funds as possible, as quickly as possible, to research focused solely on earlier detection of breast cancer. READ MORE

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